Friendless Bummer

My friend Ben Bondy has started a new Garage/Surf Rock style project called ‘Friendless Bummer.’ With grooving but light hearted melodies, these 4 tracks will easily stick in your head. I found myself humming the title track almost immediately after the second listening. The vocals serve as their own instrument, with a nice level of distortion. I have to say, Ben has been a part of many awesome projects in the past, but this one has the potential to go places!


\\Aaron Lev//

New track from Lemonade

For all you heartbroken men and women out there, this track may help.

Great rhythm, amazing melody, perfect chord structure.

//Aaron Lev\\



Bobby Womack – Please Forgive my Heart

The Bravest Man In The Universe to be released on 11th June (UK) and 12th June (US) 2012 on XL Recordings.

This new track by Bobby Womack is a truly interesting piece of music. It combines a sincerely soulful influence with an almost Postal Service-esque rhythm.  The bass is sequenced in the background to keep the groove moving, and Womack’s voice compliments the sparse but melodic electric piano chords. After just one listen, I can’t get this track out of my head.


//Aaron Lev\\

G-Eazy // Marilyn (ft. Dominique LeJeune)

G-Eazy Strikes Again

With a James Dean style swag, G-Eazy has just dropped his latest single,”Marilyn”, and without a doubt it proves how much this artist is coming into his own. The track is light, catchy, but keeps that head nodding groove that G executes so well. His flow is confident and his lyrics are on point, they are heart felt and full of emotion. The ladies will defiantly get down with this little diddy. Well done to G-Eazy and his team (@2mattyb) (@G-Eazy).

\\Aaron Lev//

Back to the Future Hover Board Replica

No this is not a joke:

Mattel has announced the production of 1:1 scale replicas of the back to the future hover board.


Seriously, if I had the dough, I would splurge on 5 of these just to hang around my room. Thank you Michael J Fox for an amazing series of movies/Steven Spielberg for fantastic cinematography and ideas like this.

PS thank you HighSnobiety for cluing me into this amazing project.

\\Yes, I am a nerd//

-Aaron Lev

Schoolboy Q ft. A$AP Rocky

$Ear Worm Status$

“Hands on the Wheel”

I heard this track a few months ago and just grazed over it (thanks gorilla vs bear, your website is ugly.) Thanks to my Google Reader, I saw this little diddy sitting in my browser waiting to be played. Once again, this is a head nodding, blunt smoking, beer crackin’ tune. A$AP has been consistenly shelling out these post-modern, innovative, catchy rap tracks, and to be honest, I can’t get enough of them. As Schoolboy Q puts it “for me is just weed and brews.” Enjoy this some what dark anthem to being FUCKED UP. Oh yeah, Q samples kid Cudi (courtesy of country singer Lissie.)

Stay Cray New Orleans,

Aaron Lev


Beef is an up and coming rapper from California.  He has released one mixtape and is about to drop another one.  Go to his website for merch, his mixtapes, videos, singles, etc…

Get in before this shit blows up!



“Hey Sparrow” by Peaking Lights

Husband/Wife duo Peaking Lights have been around the block for awhile now, I just wish I new about them sooner. Beautifully swollen guitar melodies accompanied by hard hitting, yet poorly mixed percussions and synthetic grammars. Imagine walking in cold air, with brittle leaves snapping under your feet. Yeah. It’s kind of like that. Check out their song “Tiger Eyes” as well.

As Cities Burn Returns!!

So, in case anyone remembers As Cities Burn, they’re comin’ home. After years of inactivity due to breaking up after their last album Hell or High Water they’ve decided to play a local show in their hometown Baton Rouge at the Spanish Moon! On April 14th they’ll be playing with their original lineup including TJ! Check them out in this video and come out to see them!